‘Is Cameron Planning to End Housing Benefit for the Young?’ – THE VOID

Posted on April 6, 2012 by johnny void | 5 Comments 

David Cameron must have really enjoyed last Summer’s riots as he appears determined to cause another.  In possibly the most out of touch measure yet, he is planning to cause unprecedented youth homelessness by ending Housing Benefit for people under 25.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the DWP is plotting to force young people to go back and live with their parents should they become unemployed.  The chinless toffs in Government assume that everyone’s family can afford to keep a spare room for their kids for years after they may have left home.  After all, their Mummies and Daddies have plenty of space in their Home Counties country homes.

It is chilling to imagination the devastation this could cause.  Not content with destroying their educational chances and forcing them to work in Tesco for free, the Government now seems intent on forcing our young people to sleep on the street.

What Cameron and Osborne couldn’t neither know or understand, is that lots of people leave home  because their families can’t afford to keep them anymore.  Not everyone has loaded parents, something which seems lost on this government of clowns.  Some young people leave home due to violence or abuse.  Will they now be forced to go back and live with their former abusers?  Some people under 25 have children themselves.  Will Granny and Granddad be expected to accommodate their grand kids as well?  This of courses assumes that Granny and Granddad are still alive or in contact with their children.

There are almost 400,000 young people currently claiming Housing Benefit.  The Government is considering making nearly half a million people homeless at a stroke.  That’s not far off twice the number of coppers and the army combined.  The social costs of this will be astronomical.  No Government in recent history has been foolish enough to consider inflicting such a devastating policy upon the nation’s children.

Already people under 35 are only entitled to a room in a shared house should they become unemployed.  The caps to Housing Benefit have forced many families into homelessness.  Charities have warned that homelessness is already soaring.  If Cameron’s plans come to fruition then we will see cardboard cities thousands strong.

An entire generation will be impoverished.  Many people turn to drink or drugs if they face homelessness.  It’s hard to sleep on a pavement after all.  There is little chance of young people on the street being able to turn up for their daily workfare in the local supermarket.  Even more benefit sanctions will likely follow.  Hundreds of thousands of our young could fall into the spiral of crime and addiction just to survive.  What that will look like in reality is anyone’s guess.  The cossetted life for the rich in London may well come to an end as Cameron launches full frontal class war.

If they come for our homes, then some people may well come for theirs.


2 thoughts on “‘Is Cameron Planning to End Housing Benefit for the Young?’ – THE VOID

  1. Lesley Drane says:

    For those amongst you that know my husband you will staggered to know that after his ATOS assessment he has now been put in the work related group. This is for a person who after his stroke has lost the use of his right side, lost his speech and can,t write!!!!!

    1. jeffery says:

      well this govenment has killed well over a 1000 people in one year looks like the public are a sleap,how can this be the 21st century..we will fight them just like churchill fought the hun..jeff ..

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