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  • Lesley April 2, 2012 at 10:41 am

    When I was struggling in work, OH helped me tremendously.They supported me to take as long as I needed off and “shoved” management into being supportive and formulating effective back to work plans. They recommended retirement on health grounds with highest level of pension, after years of helping me stay in work with a chronic illness, when my condition deteriorated.They respected my wishes helping me to stay in work as long as I could…and surprisingly this was ATOS but not the same arm as those that undertake the abysmal WCA.
    These recommendations will just take all these supportive measures away by introducing WCA not related to job (this is about your specific job though) and “job brokerage” (which we know does not work from organisations like A4E) into the workplace. It will not help people stay in work as long as possible but will stop them receiving ESA when sacked at an earlier stage and taken off benefits all together when their contributory JSA runs out even earlier-get employers to pay for OH that says they are fit for some kind of work the employer can’t provide, sack them and because they have been assessed as fit for some kind of work the govt can save on the welfare bill. It also insures a lot of ATOS contracts, as they have developed the LiMA system which can now be used inappropriately in the workplace. This will not help workers, employers or OH but will lesson welfare cost for govt and make a lot of extra money for ATOS and back to work companies who have shown to be ineffective on all measures other than raiding the public purse.

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