Anne Novis MBE speaks out – calls for an immediate escalation of direct action by disabled people

UK Uncut podcast #1 – Interview with disability activist Anne Novis MBE by UKUncut

Anne Novis MBE

This is an article Anne wrote last year, all of which Black Triangle wholeheatedly endorses.

Anne Novis MBE: ‘A Push too far’

First published on January 15, 2011

Anne Novis was awarded an MBE in the Queens New Years Honours in recognition of her dedicated work and ‘Services to disabled people’.

She writes:

I am a disability activist, you know one of those people who will complain, (how dare I?), when facing discrimination, challenge inequality wherever I find it and advocate for other disabled people.

Oh one of those you might say, YES! one of those who believes in the human rights of every single person, those ‘rights’ so many take for granted as they have not had them taken away yet.

I have fought, yes fought, for nearly twenty years for disabled people to be believed about their experiences of targeted hostility, harassment and abuse, hate crime and for an appropriate response from society.

Within all this I also fight for myself as a wheelchair user who needs care to live independently.

One of those who relies on benefits to live, to carry on having a family life, to practise my faith and be safe.

Oh I hear it already I am ‘burden on society’, ‘work shy’, a ‘fraudster’ and should have been ‘killed at birth’, I have actually been told this when attacked on a local high street and read it every day in the media .

I would love to get paid for the volunteering I do, for the contribution I have made to this society, for caring for my children and 23 foster kids, for advocating and counselling, advising and supporting other disabled people.

But hey I am part of the Big Society, one of those who does all this for free, you know like David Cameron wants you all to do now.

I am qualified up to my eyeballs, have attempted to get paid work many times often just a couple of hours here and there as that’s all I can commit to due to my body not being as active as my mind.

Most employers don’t want those who are sick, disabled a burden, work shy and fraudsters to work for them you know?

Now I face cuts in my personal care, the ILF which funds half my care package is scrapped and I will only get 5 more years of such support, that’s if I still qualify of course.

To qualify for ILF you must be on the high rate care component of DLA and need more then £340 plus pounds worth of care from your local authority.

But DLA is to be scrapped too , the local authority has no money and will be implementing increased charges for care and cuts in care as soon as possible.

I will be reassessed for the Severe Disability Allowance I get and probably have this taken away and be put on Job Seekers Allowance, after all I should be in paid work you know.

It does not matter about my health issues, regardless I must be in paid WORK!

Yet if I lose my care I cannot function, get up, get dressed, shop, socialise, practice my faith, in fact do nothing let alone be in paid work in some sort of ideal world where priority is given to sick and disabled people to get into work first before all those others sacked, made redundant, not sick, more experienced employees out there seeking work too.

I may get a basic income but I will have to jump through hoops, attend interviews, training and more and if I don’t ? Well I will be punished of course, the finance will be lessoned and eventually stopped.

Yet if I have no care support I cannot get up, dressed, eat, go out, and attend interviews or training.

But that does not matter I should make more effort as I am work shy, a fraudster and a burden on the state and ‘unsustainable’ as government ministers keep telling me.

So how will I survive? I will not.

But that’s ok too as then there will be less disabled people and we will save the government some money and all these incentives will have been shown to work as I, and so many others, will not exist.

And if we do mange to ‘exist’ it will be in residential care, or in bedsits, living on the scraps of funding society can ‘afford’ or deem reasonable for us to live on, we will return to begging on the streets then everyone will be happier as I will not be a ‘burden’ or a ‘fraudster’.

Yet once upon a time I had a dream, to own a home, have a career, travel and enjoy my retirement.

I was in paid work, as was my partner, we contributed to society by it’s current definition.

But oops! One day my body gave out, my back ripped apart and I entered the world of spinal injury, discrimination, inequality and prejudice.

Overnight I was unable to move from a bed, lost my work, my foster children, my partner and myself.

I did not choose this,it happened to me, as so many illnesses and accidents do.

One day you may find you or a member of your family becomes sick or injured, be born too early or face being different.

Now I face increased poverty, for no matter what you think disabled people on benefits are not rich, I face medical tests (many of them) by unqualified people who will decide whether I am too ill/disabled or not to be in paid work.

I face serious cuts in my care package, lose the five personal assistants I employ to help me, lose my wheelchair adapted car, lose DLA which was meant to help with some of the extra costs of being a disabled person.

Once I fail the ESA medical, which most do, I will become one of the invisible disabled, those not on anyone’s radar. I will face sanctions for not complying with job seeking requirement’s and lose even more of the pittance I am meant to survive on.

I will lose myself again.

Not due to an injury that was no ones fault but due to a society that is allowing a government to implement the most discriminatory harshest attacks on disabled people this generation has faced.

A society that is allowing those who can fight least to be targeted as the scapegoats for the financial mess they and the succeeding governments got us into.

Yes you, and you and you, all of you who stand by and say nothing or encourage such vicious and undeserving attacks are just as responsible for what is happening.

Those who stand by and allow this are equivalent to those who stood by when disabled people and Jews were targeted by the Nazi’s for annihilation.

Too harsh for you?

Its our lives we are fighting for, our very lives, some have already killed themselves due to what is happening, many more are considering it.

Will you stand by?

Anne Novis

Be strong, Anne! We will fight them together!

You there reading this! Join us for our next demonstration!



7 thoughts on “Anne Novis MBE speaks out – calls for an immediate escalation of direct action by disabled people

  1. Humanity2012 says:

    The Harassment of the Poor and Vulnerable by this Dismal
    Regime must End

    Bad Policies must be Abolished and there Needs to be
    Constitutional Protection for the Welfare Benefits of the Poor
    and Vulnerable

    The Evil National Socialist Regime Victimised People and this
    Regime is doing just That by it’s Disgusting Policies with the
    Help of it’s Rubberstamp Parliament

    As for Regime Propaganda ” Newspaper ” Rags which Victimise
    the Poor and Vulnerable they should be Boycotted

    This Arrogant Regime should Not Even be in Office and if they
    are too Ivory Tower to listen and be of Service they must be Made
    to Resign in Disgrace as they are a Disgusting Disgrace

    Wasting Billions on Warfare whilst there is so Little Welfare

  2. Diana Harrison says:

    Oh I just wish I was fit enough to get there! I am so in spirit as I protest from my bloody armchair. Go on guys please speak out for us all. So many of us wont survive these cuts or will have our lives blighted so much we will be prisoners in our own homes, dirty and freezing to death. This government should be shot for the lies they tell. This is a rich country not the third world. We didnt cause this mess so why impose Nazi type punishments of the poor and disabled.

  3. Jaki Rundle says:

    What this government is doing to people with disabilities is apalling and sickening. It is an out and out attack on us, filled with suspicion and hate, proliferated by the media. It makes me ashamed to live in this country. Always the ‘able’ bodied, deciding everything over us, deciding how our disability effects us, how much of a life we are allowed, deciding how work is always best for us. I do not recognise their power and decisions over me, they are not my peers and will never understand what life is like for a person with disabilities, whatever they may be. All disabled people should stand up, should refuse to go for any more tests, refuse to take part in assessments until OUR voice, OUR judgement, OUR power, is recognised.

  4. Aletheia says:

    There should be posters placed in every public building to highlight the plight of the disabled and how we are being: victimised for circumstances beyond our control. Libraries/communities, schools, etc couldn’t refuse if we worded it right. I wonder if Ann would put her name to this.Disability Discrimination needs to be put on the agenda again, in our fight for justice.

  5. Humanity Eternal says:

    I cannot Pretend Not to be Severely Depressed by the Destructive Policies of this
    Regime of Millionaires on a variety of Issues but particularly upon the Matter of
    Welfare Benefits and the Plight of the Sick, Disabled and Vulnerable

    The Poorest and most Vulnerable in Society such as the Sick Disabled and Depressed
    Deserve to be Protected from Destitution and Harm

    ” Work Related Activity Groups ” for people Suffering from Depression is Not the

    A Caring Government and Society is More the Answer

  6. Neil says:

    and yet she chooses to keep her MBE..surely she should have turned up spat at the ueen and left ???

    CAn’t have any sympathy for the disabled who sell out to this corporancratic state

  7. Mr john smith says:

    Is dwp means is goverment and Atos is a part of goverment goverment think disable people are stupid and use their power against poor disable people i want to request to arthritis care or any connection with disable people that if goverment is doing wrong what law applied against them? is it anybody take to goverment Eu court i am not expert in it might lawyer or solicitor knows what action taking against goverment?They took unnessesary took personal indipenden payment system and all disable people knows why? because to cut disabled people benefit for goverment budget or austirity they do not put more taxes to rich people because tory party is for rich people not for middle class or poor people definetly after this somebody has got some idea that what to do next? i mean cannot take goverment into court only protest is not enough EU MP must and voice in EU parlament discuss about goverment cut instead giving contract to kick out from America Atos given taxpayer money to them if goverment to reasses to disable people they can hire inthis country professional but goverment playing politics allready tory lost millions vote just weight and see next general election tory suffer heavy lost in council election allready they still not understand what will happened in next general election?It is not faraway please somebody reply this article enough is enough somebody has to action against goverment poor disable people cannot do anything goverment forgot principal that disable is not creat by oursevlve what is fact that goverment not belive mri hospital report for arthrtis people aurthopadic consultant not belive gp doctor report not belive this purely human right breaching when judge gave decition favour for 42 percentage for disable people and 83 persantage in pending one day goverment will not belive judge decition and itroduction PIP what effects will hapened to disable people with their disability this is commonsense if person is declared by mri report or speclize authorise consultant GP they are not lier goverment purely playing politics with poor people

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