2 thoughts on “If I can’t make a difference – I WILL RESIST YOU! (PG)

  1. gail ward says:

    they better hurry up and turn on this monsyerous bunch, my grandfather fought a war to give ppl what we have on the frontline , unlike this lot , who now want to take what little benefits,legal/human rights and any other human decency away

  2. After Atos says:

    Not Mr Atos – Atos Origin started and overall Managing Director is Efi Rossou is a female from Crete and has returned to live there. She attended UMIST in Manchester in early 1980s and graduated with flying colours, a real whizz kid of the new IT generation. Moved to US and worked and workd up in US main IT corporations. She had the idea of creating a interactive worldwide IT system so that the IT communications systems could all link up and IT communications and the worldwide society could get in touch with each other and breakdown the barriers. There was a full page colour article in Mail on Sunday colour magazine in mid 2000s. Atos CEO Theirry Breton is only Chief Executive Officer, that can and is replaced in Atos history. Atos has been persuaded to form the Lima system and work with UNUM. I cannot understand this. Except for a question which may have been answered. At the time of reading about Efi Rossou rise to owning running and overruling worldwide IT systems so it is nearly the world’s major IT systems and computer managment and creative corporation I wondered how a woman and female who is quite attractive (same age as I was mid 40s) even though a britlliant mind got to be supported and funded to build a worldwide IT systems company. I wondered where she would have got her funding and support and network of corporations and corporative support from. It is only wild wild guess. But what if it was UNUM looking for ways to break into the worldwide IT and computer programmes, networks and innovations in the 1980s and 90s and with IT companies already taken over by the IT kids and electronics companies and businesses. What if it was UNUM that started her off and UNUM who she is indebted too? I always wondered who had started her off and supported her and why she and Atos have to work and align themselves with UNUM’s empire and worldwide conquest interests? Only a guess. But that may be the reason. Mr ATOS is Miss ATOS – EFI ROSSOU (red addy 28th May 2011) Just for your informtion. So you always aim straight. AA Always Aunty Adi – “She saw something nasty in the woodshed and she’s not having it.” (Cold Comfort Farm – Stella Gibbons)

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