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  • After Atos January 15, 2012 at 11:31 pm

    What do yer means risk> its already happening. People not able to keep their children and provide for them with basics. Children losing being with theri mum and dad and grandparents and split for even their brothers and sisters because their mum whether because of poverty or disability and no more support cannot keep them and has to call social services. And children in care waiting for fostering and adopting have gone up and is over 10,000 children just waiting to be placed. and i wonder how many would just like to be home with their mum and dad and sisters and brothers. Pah!! these reports come out after the horse is bolted. Post Mortem rather than preventative diagnosis. And social services never give them back. Know a woman who came out of hospital was on bed rest just asked social services to pick kids up from school to bring them home first few days post surgery. She never saw them again. Picked them up and took them into care straight away. but never told mum or school, left to worry. Pah Humbug. And how much do they get paid for writing these reviews and commission reports. Bah Humbug. 19 per month to run After Atos. and free unpaid executive researched and collator and collector. Bah Humbug. Give me back my children or I’ll bash yer.

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