Cameron will be robbing the sick with Welfare Bill

Cam plan is so sick

ROBBING the sick to plug a black hole created by the excesses of greedy bankers could be the Government’s most immoral act yet.

Cancer victims shouldn’t suffer financially because the bonus brigade in the City of London gambled big and lost, triggering a huge rise in the public deficit.

The humane decision would be for Tory ministers to swallow their pride and accept amendments in the House of Lords which would reverse a few of the injustices in the controversial Welfare Bill.

And the unforgivable course would be the one that David Cameron’s government appears to have set. Namely, steamrolling cruel cuts through Parliament.

Mr Cameron claims he is concerned about the sick and disabled yet when it comes to the crunch he adds to their hardship.

The depth of spending cuts and the people who they are hitting are not just issues for debate by politicians and economists.

They are affecting the lives of real people. And we believe the most vulnerable in our country should be treated with respect, not dismissed as figures on a balance sheet.

1 thought on “Cameron will be robbing the sick with Welfare Bill

  1. Charles Boyce says:

    David Cameron appears to be a rich man’s Robin Hood, only RH robbed the rich to feed the poor. With David Cameroon it’s the reverse ‘Rob the poor to feed the Rich (or line their pockets)’.

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