• Debs Gunn January 12, 2012 at 4:04 am

    i am one of the many who are on DLA and also contribution based ESA even if it does stretch to two years i am severely disabled with 3 conditions and the loss of the money will kill my family with shortage of money, i will have to stop home care etc have they no idea how this affects people while they sit in thier posh houses and plenty money in the mean time playing god with disabled peoples lives, dont they understand how hard it is for some disabled people just its a fight to just get up in the morning and your taking this away…. youve caused the state of the country sort it another way not picking on the the bloody poor and vulnerable…

    • Kiz January 19, 2012 at 6:30 pm

      You are in the same situation as me. I suffer just like you and have the same opinion. It is not even just the money, but if they cut our DLA we will use our status as disabled and lose access to services such as Occupational Health and Blue Badges. They have so much money and good health they don’t realise the difficulties we have. When I lose my money we will likely end up bankrupt. I am very scared about the future.

      Cameron was quick to claim DLA and stuff for his disabled son, even though he is a millionaire. now his son is dead, he is treating all disabled people like scroungers. Well Cameron was more of a scrounger when his son was alive, cos he did not even NEED the money!! Boo to him. Bet he would not even touch disability benefits if his son were still alive!! He has corrupted and demeaned his son’s memory with his nasty policies and bad mindedness!! Shame on him!!

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