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  • After Atos January 5, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    Labour is trying to run with the hare (defending disabled claimants) while hunting with the hounds (attacking those who ‘spend a lifetime on benefits’). That’s not true. I have been at meetings where left and labour have said about using the disabled and lone parents and other disadvantaged to gain their hand by using and abusing themselves, making their lot worse then blaming it on the Tories and the cuts. Also prior to the election when Haig brought in the Atos assessments and horrors were happening then, including serious outcomes, children and death labour and haig said to ignore and dismiss the experiences and complaints. Also through the election Labour and all were informed to no mention the disabled in their rhetoric. Labour are all liars and desperately looking for the spin and chance that will get them through. And I object to this demonising and splitting the people against one another. It has raised prejudice and discrimination and people in genuine need and poor prospects are being attacked and abused because of it. On a Labour blog the other day about the same thing, many blamed those unemployed. I had to remind them that the economic crash happened on their shift when banks collapsed and firms and businesses went overnight including famous names and big long term names. Is there something that makes people forget that the recession and people out of work is because there is a recession and businesses not being made and those existing still collapsing. Why are people so dumb fuck stupid. Sorry for the swear but the pig ignorance and its endorsement is making me MAD!!

    My letter to Ed Miliband and the rest this year is PLEASE DO NOT TREAT US WITH THE ASSUMPTION WE ARE AS THICK AS “SHIT FOR BRAINS” YOU ARE. No Vote continues. Bastard PR bandwagon following scum. and Yes there is an alternative – Yourselves.

  • After Atos January 5, 2012 at 9:32 pm

    In the times when there was no party that represented the common man or spoke up for him, or defended the rights of the estranged encampments of Scotland, Wales and Ireland, not mentioning the poor dispossessed north and women and children. Before any man or political party existed to speak or defend us and there was not even a vote, people organised and arranged to support themselves through little co-operatives and mutual societies and little independent presbyterian and congregations with conviction and a commitment to each other. While we wait and watch and wait despairingly for the next party of person to represent us in parliament or the corridors of power. (how nice of them to mention us and remember us) we are to arrange to support and protect ourselves and come to our own arrangements to support and arrange businesses, economics and commerce. Been done before, can be done again. We just forgot because we got soft. All the history and examples are there, learn from it. and learn it first for yourselves and those close to you. Practice it before others will believe and follow. Good Luck. this is a fight, and a kick in the bollocks for Labour might be a good start. Remind them we are our own man and our own people.

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