HomeBlogNow it’s Real. First Cancer Patients, Now Government slash benefits for Disabled Children
  • smokinghorse December 13, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    l just feel ashamed, Children have no other words

  • Michael Caits on Facebook December 13, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    There is only one choice here.. and one alone. Get rid of them. No matter what the cost. Be rid of these hideous Ministers. We could stand in the middle of London in the rush-hour and throw stones and find more compassionate and responsible people to elect than this pile of undiluted, inhuman excrement! Never mind “Austerity” – where is THEIR AUSTERITY? Where is THEIR loss, THEIR CUTS? What have THEY had to GIVE UP? Because it is WE who pay for THEM – NOT the other way around – and it is time that THEY learned ONCE AND FOR ALL – that it is WE who ELECT and WE who DISMISS.. and, when necessary, it is WE who FIGHT!

  • Mo Stewart December 20, 2011 at 10:56 am

    Yes, it was an amazing suggestion and Freud has unlimited authority to cut whatever he wants. First cancer patients on chemo, now disabled children to loose half of their funding…. So, why is this gt still in power? Collectively, between us, we have a great deal of expertese. Perhaps, in 2012, we should collectively start to demmand an election and a vote of no confidence in this government.

    Clegg has betrayed everyone and I doubt Liberals will get elected again. A little taste of power has gone to his head BUT what about all those election pledges? Only once have the Liberals challenged the Tories, when they all abstained in the vote for Europe. Where are the Liberal protests regarding this planned destruction of the welfare state – to be replaced by insurance – this total removal of care, concern and compassion for those least able to protest, and for justice for the 3 million people we are all fighting to support?

    I suggest we forget about petitions. These are crumbs offered by gvt to pretend we have some kind of redress. The movement needs to be much, much stronger and the move needs to be to force another general election.

    The BBC are getting interested in my research evidence. If they move on this I’ll let you know straight away.

    Meanwhile, let’s end on a better note. Thanks to Phil and his team for BT, to Kaliya & Sue for the Broken of Britain, and everyone whose worked so hard this year to challenge the nearest thing I’ve ever known to gvt funded medical tyranny. Biggest thanks of all of course to Mike Bach, an amazing man who inspired me to start the research and whose never ending support is priceless.

    Happy Christmas and wishing everyone all good things for 2012. It will get worse before it gets better so lets make sure we get much stronger.

    Love, Mo x

  • Michael Caits on Facebook December 20, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    More than this we need a collective voice and a representative who is more Socialist than a mealy-mouthed left-of-center excuse for a politician. Not a New Labour Party, but a party “of the people for the people: ALL of the people.” So that NEVER again can ANY MAN be held to ransom by selfish, conceited and vain politicians – all vying for the same standing: all failing us because they are just not interested in the Common Man! I might (were I a Christian) even utter the words Christian Democrat – but I sense the need for a compassion and constructive dialogue with every man: not this hollowed out form of Fascism!

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