Private Eye Raises Questions Regarding Unum Again?

Following on for them raising the issue of Unums horrendous reputation in the US and their “business partnership” with The Guardian in their last issue, Private Eye now turn their beady onto their involvement as advisor to the DWP while benefiting from the very advice they are giving 🙂  

Private Eye, Issue 1302 November 11th 2011 – Page 28

My understanding is that there is a lot more to come from the esteemed private eye in the future 🙂

Private Eye

23 thoughts on “Private Eye Raises Questions Regarding Unum Again?

  1. martyn ounstead says:

    these ATOS WCA are a sham and downright unfair especially to people who are very ill with M.E and other similar conditions which have fluctuating symptoms CONdems get it sorted NOW

  2. After Atos says:

    BRILLIANT!! Pity it does not get into the main press. I have been in regular contact with Private Eye and journalists too. leading them too the information we all know is there and where to find it. I was promised this. V pleased.

    1. simmo says:

      Pension Funds.

      Basically pension funds are a way of reducing funding by the state for pensioners.In a secret meeting in the penthouse suite of the Grovenor Hotel on London’s Park Lane,Gordon Brown Ed Balls,and spin doctor Charlie Whelon were guests of Geoffery Robinson at his expence .There before the May 1997 election they hatched a plan to rob the Pension Funds of £5 billion and succeeded when in power months later.Blair was in the dark ,because he left Brown as chancellor to his own devices,but on finding out did not confront Brown. (refer to Links and Comments)

      Introducing the man on the left below he is the chairman of NEST the new Pension Fund Scheme Mr Lawrence Churchill . National Employment Savings Trust

    2. simmo says:

      A little about Lawrence Churchill CBE (that means nothing Prescott is a Lord)He is Chairman of the National Employers Savings Trust.Chairman of Financial Services Compensation Scheme.Director of Bupa.Trustee of The Longevity Centre UK.CEO of Natwest Life and Investments.Served on Employers Forum on Disability and Financial Ombusman Service.

      Executive chairman and managing director of UNUM Ltd the European arm of Provident Inc,the worlds largest disability insurer.Remember UNUM (refer to updated news) they are the company that taught ATOS how to assess the sick and disabled on behalf of the DWP.With the four above’s previous I wouldn’t trust NEST with my worst enemies welfare never mind my money for my pension.Employers BEWARE.

    3. Mo Stewart says:

      The nationals “WILL NOT RISK” exposing Unum Insurance involvement with the DWP fearing possible ‘litigation’ as confirmed by The Guardian.

  3. After Atos says:

    WORKING ON IT! several press releases to press today quickly following on from the tragedy of the couple who committed suicide. Get rattling, even if its just to your local newspaper politicians and council “Do you know what is going on in your town/borough in regard to disabled and those on benefits? Do we have similar situations as the couple who died – or even worse? How are the children coping in such a situation? How is their welfare? We demand an audit and accounting of every disabled and dependent person in the borough to make sure they are well. We the people expect our councils and our selves to take responsibility of our most dependent and vulnerable. Just got a UKIP bigwig but he has really pissed me off with his ignorance and naivety. But I kept nice and informative, HONEST!!

  4. Calum says:


    Also a pat on the back to Iain Hislop and his elegant and eloquent crusaders at the Private Eye journal.

    Now where is the Guardian when you need one of their journalists to go mainstream ! ! !

    Very best regards,


    1. Holmey says:

      “Now where is the Guardian when you need one of their journalists to go mainstream ! ! !”

      In the counting house, counting up all the money Unum has paid them for their website and periodical deal, that’s sadly where all the Guardian journalists are Calum 🙁

    2. Mo Stewart says:

      They WON’T ! The Guardian had a feature from me on their front pages, ready for printing, and were STOPPED by their legal team fearing possible litigation by a US corporate giant. NONE of the nationals will risk exposing Unum Insurance.

  5. Aletheia says:

    Brilliant stuff, clear, damning and comprehensive report. Lets hope it starts a tsunami of exposures on the dishonest companies appointed by the government.

  6. peterzzz says:

    Good on BT, and well done to PE for treading where the rest of the media appear to be scared to go…………”The Truth”.I look forward to seeing what else PE publishes.Alot of members on this and other forums/blogs know only too well whats been going on and whats to come.Much of the media is no better than complicit with the government in trying to hide their true agenda.

    Thank you PE and BT.

  7. dwpexamination says:

    I hope people have the sense to check out the performance of Unum, banks and other PPI perveyors arte being told ot payu back millions to people who have been missold PPI with loans and mortgages etc. I believe the victims of this previous dubious tactic will no doubt think twice before taking any form of PPI out. Please do me a favour and tell at least 3 people you know a week about the perils of taking out PPI particularly with Unum.

  8. MUFFIE02 says:

    thank you private eye for printing TRUTH – if only the main stream press had the guts to do so instead of printing lies !!

    today 11/11/2011 in the mail the headlines scream about thousands picking up DLA just by filling out a form – well the sheepel may take it in but we who have been through the process know better

    and what of the much vaunted tax payers alliance ?? – seemingly they have aligned themselves with the government to attack the disabled by virtue of the comments of their “spokesperson” ??? – an obviosly deluded individual that seems to think all us disabled live TAX FREE ( as if )

    so it seems the battle lines are drawn folks – some of us suspect this latest round of hate “mail ” is a prelude to anouncement from the government on the new PERSONAL INDEPENDENCE PAYMENT ( replacement for DLA ) – WHICH IS NOTHING BUT A CYNICAL WAY TO DEPRIVE DISABLED PEOPLE OF SUPPORT

    any chance the EYE cold look into the tax payers alliance ?? and see JUST what their agenda is ?? and WHO is pulling the strings ??

  9. jay says:

    The only way Unum can benefit from this is if the government make it compulsory for every working age adult to purchase ‘income protection cover.’

    Let’s just call it by it’s real name Private Health Insurance.

    And what are the chances of the government making it compulsory, if you were a bookie you would quote very short odds-on.

    Because without being compelled who apart from our useless politicians would give any money to Unum?

    Well done to Private Eye.

  10. Mo Stewart says:

    The press are doing the job for them…… Sales of IPI are rising due to -ve press coverage and none stop clap trap from Gvt & the press suggesting we’re all scivving, welfare support is being slashed and Lord Freud is trying to ‘incentivise’ us all to get a job that doesn’t actually exist. Now Nick Clegg is claiming credit for the introduction of the Universal Credit.

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