The Hardest Hit – Be Heard! Join with the Authentic Disability Rights Movement

Who is going to “Hardest Hit” 22nd of October in Edinburgh?

Black Triangle will be at the Hardest Hit flying our banners with our voices raised against more than just the welfare and local services cuts.

We will be one of the true voices of disabled people – unlike some of the self-serving charities who are compromised by their acceptance of welfare-to-work money and a willingness to trial the new ‘assessment criteria’ for PIP.

It would be a fantastic if we could have as many people joining Black Triangle and C.A.P.S – an Edinburgh based mental health group who share our views and concerns.

This rally is not only about showing solidarity with each other and expressing our rejection of the so-called ‘reforms’ (read ‘cuts’).

It is also – crucially – about letting all the established and wealthy charities know that the grassroots disability rights movement, including all the Disabled People’s Organisations (DPO’s) and every single individual disabled person have arrived and that we insist upon our authentic independent voices being heard!  

The movement is not about individual egos or money and plush offices.

Neither is is about stashing money in off shore bank accounts which are never used to fund real work.

It sure as heck is not about corporate business models that replicate the same thinking that disables us!

Those that want to join with us in the struggle for true representation should assemble at the entrance to Princess Street Gardens on Kings Stables Road at 10.30 a.m.

This is the most accessible entrance to the park and is normally the area that coaches and other parking is permitted.

If you miss us at the gate look for the Black Triangle Banner.

If you want to know anything more contact George or ‘lambosheepman’ by posting below.


5 thoughts on “The Hardest Hit – Be Heard! Join with the Authentic Disability Rights Movement

  1. Imogen says:

    I informed a steward I am chasing up Hardest Hit for a dissociation from the endorsement given by one speaker to a SAMH project called Redhall, and for a public alert to be put out for folks at the demo to know that Redhall is a discriminatory bullying place that I’m still fighting for an Edinburgh social work response to, 3 years into it. Redhall allows some of its clients to exclude others and to openly have inner and outer circles of social favour, gives the women a veto over what events the men should be allowed to, even including public events in their own time, tells autistic victims “cliquiness is life” and advises them to accept and cooperate in their own exclusion.

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