Kali Labconf @ Questions Ed Miliband @The Labour Conference

A well-constructed question about disability from a credible Kaliya Franklin @BendyGirl. Put to the current spokesperson of a party that flies the flag for welfare. Yet, Labour failed all for over a decade by not investing anything from the boom times in perpeuity for correctly targeted social and welfare. The last person to expect a credible response from is one that helped craft gordon brown’s manifesto for a faux-economy constructed from borrowings, debt and public sector largesse.

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  1. jeff says:

    ok he can not even get her name right,why do the fit and young ritere as young as 50 or 55 but they expect the ill to work to pay for it.if you are ill you should not be made to work untill all i mean all the fit are in work.
    then you ask disabled people if they can work pt time,
    also what about a morbidity pension scheem allawing you to get your state pension early as you die younger if you are ill avrage age 62 but the well may live till 82 thats 20 years retirement we will die 5 years befor we stop work but pay for the well to retire years early very often ten years early.

    jeff dissabled and aspie…

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