3 thoughts on “George Potter speaking on a motion about Employment Support Allowance and Work Capability Assessments at LibDem Conference 2011.

  1. Stephan Toth says:

    I would have some limited faith in the Liberal party had it not been for a fact that I found this article from the guardian http://consumerdefenceleague.com/Forum/showthread.php?tid=410&highlight=Nick+Clegg Which is entitled Nick Clegg and Kenneth Clarke – Attempting To Dismantle Human Rights Legislation

    Are these two really conservatives in liberal clothing, or are they really just regular Etonian members of the Bilderberg Group enacting the dastardly plan of the illuminatti’s New World Order.

    It seems to me that as long as politicians are collecting their fat salaries and expenses they don’t give a damn about the common people at all. If they did, I wouldn’t have a forum full of desperate people who are worried sick about their benefit rights being eroded away not only by scamming companies hiking up prices on the one side but this coalition government driving down benefits on the other.


    My advice to anyone who is facing hardship and losing their home is to deliberately do a crime and get arrested, then refuse any non custodial sentence because its far better to get a clean warm bed, three meals a day and medical care in prison than face death by living on the streets. If you are forced by the government to take this route then make it a bloody big issue that will get the press headlines for weeks at a time. After all it better to be hanged for a pound than a penny.

    When it comes to employability it does not matter what the government think, or the DWP or Atos the French scammers who are profiteering of the British sick, chronically ill, infirm, disabled and old, it does not matter what doctors think or even public opinion either. The only peoples opinion that counts are those of the personnel officer and the interview team who are assessing the candidate as to whether employing them is a commercially viable option.

    How can Atos, on the one hand when consulting for a company say that an employee is unfit for work and then a few weeks later under the DWP ESA medical examination declare that very same person as being fit for work.. This company just defies any logic in their unethical and illegal practices.

    Also why should businesses be forced to take on seriously ill people if they are not going to be able to produce 100% efficient work output. They are not the unpaid custodians of the government’s responsibilities. Everyone pays taxes for the government to look after these people and so they should.

    When it comes to large corporations exploiting these people under the guise of a works programme that is a step down a very slippery slope to institutionalised slavery, which was abolished in this country centuries ago. If people are forced onto these schemes they must be at least paid the going rate for the job so that it does not encourage firms to cull their workforce for a cheaper option.

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