So-Called Minister “FOR” Disabled People Maria Miller hails Work Programme and Paralympian ‘Success’ stories as the real solutions to problem of disability hate crime

NOW you too can be a high-achieving Uber-crip!

Stop whingeing, pull yourself together and stop expecting the state to look after you!

If Professor Stephen Hawking can make his way through life – so can you! No wonder you all get such a kicking! If you’d only participate in our Arbeitsprogramm the bullies will leave you alone! Yah?

She said:

“But while Government can legislate and improve policy, all of us have our part to play to change attitudes toward disabled people.

Too often people can have outdated attitudes about disabled people and we need to challenge these harmful stereotypes and ensure that disabled people have the choice and independence to fully participate in society.

I have often met disabled people who tell me they want a more level playing field to get on and achieve what they want in life. I’m determined to make that happen.

Through the Work Programme and schemes like Access to Work we will help more disabled people into mainstream employment where they can work in the jobs they want to do, rather then jobs they have to do. A new Access to elected Office scheme will help more disabled people into public life and hopefully increase the numbers of disabled MPs and local councillors.

The Paralympics provide an opportunity to see disabled people shine in the world of sport, challenging preconceived notions about what they can and can’t do. In a civilised society no one should have to suffer bullying because of a disability and that’s why we are determined to continue fighting against hate crime.”

The Independent  

12 thoughts on “So-Called Minister “FOR” Disabled People Maria Miller hails Work Programme and Paralympian ‘Success’ stories as the real solutions to problem of disability hate crime

  1. John says:

    DOES anybody believes a single word this compulsive propagandist has to say? She is an INSULT to disabled people! A travesty of a Minister ‘for’ Disabled People! A bloody henchwoman – and nought else!

  2. Mike Atkinson on Facebook says:

    IMO, The biggest hate crimes being perpetrated against disabled people, are Atos and the media. Now Ms dumbass Miller, don’t Atos work for the government, errr, that’s complicity, if not actualy instigation. As for the media, well if they were telling such lies against a racial group, all hell would have broken out, journos would be doing time…

  3. Kathy Fox on Facebook says:

    “schemes like Access to Work we will help more disabled people into mainstream employment” that would be the Access to Work that had its budget cut, yep the government are really determined to help disabled people

  4. Action_T4 says:

    The Work Program is a fine start but it will be the gulags that will truly set the vulnerable free

  5. Paul Smith says:

    Do you know If she had a pair of balls under her chin I’d tell her to go F### herself, she only ever talks a load of bollocks.
    Who does she get her ideas and thoughts from? Dr Mengele?

  6. Joe Kane on Facebook says:

    For your information, the old nickname for police vans –
    Black Maria

    “The Black Maria is also called ‘Mothers Heart’ as it is said that there is always room for one more.”

    There’s lots of room on Maria’s job creation schemes for the disabled.

    It’s a shiney new world of paralympic opportunities to use Atos to take away the welfare benefits of the most needy in society and there’s nothing these losers can do about it.

    I loved the way Miller the Killer managed to shoe-horn in mentioning the paralympics. Forget about her government’s campaign of hate against the sick and disabled and the epidemic of violence and abuse it has unleashed. Let’s exploit the disabled even more by talking about the taxpayer-subsidised corporate beanfeast instead.

    Just to say as part of my political polemic here – vans were also used by the Nazis to gas the chronically sick and disabled who were holding the rest of their society back in their day.

    The Nazi regime were also hosts to the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936 – and Seimens (now a subsidiary of today’s Paralympic sponsors Atos) provided communication and braodcasting facilities for the Berlin Games, just like our own dearly beloved Atos is doing for the London Paralympics.

    As Marx put it in another context – once as tradgedy, twice as farce.

    Eugenics and social engineering projects aimed at the poorest and politically weakest never seem to go out of fashion with these fanatical right-wing ideological balloons.

  7. Joe Kane on Facebook says:

    More history, thinly disgusied as anti-Miller polemic, of the treatment of the disabled at the hands of the state, on the orders of politcians, and which required the cooperation of medical professionals.

    The Nazi version of their Black Maria, which produced Miller-like obnoxious gasses, and which were developed from trailers used originally in Nazi-occupied Poland to exterminate mentally-ill victims –
    Gas van

    Actoin T4
    “In May 1941 the Frankfurt County Court wrote to Gürtner describing scenes in Hadamar where children shouted in the streets that people were being taken away in buses to be gassed.[58]”

  8. Mike says:

    Anyone who has had to endure of of those bastard atos medicals knows the real anger and hate when you read the opening statement.
    This Goverment and it’s loyal media have done awful damage to the rights of disabled people.
    You are seen as a lying scrounger taking money from taxpayers……..oh sorry that is what the former “MINISTER FOR THE DISABLED DOES!”

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