Devastating impact on health of older carers – The Princess Royal Trust for Carers 12/9/11

 undefinedA report launched today by The Princess Royal Trust for Carers reveals that 70% of older carers suffer a devastating impact on their health due to their caring role. The report “Always on Call, Always Concerned” highlights the concerns of older carers while demonstrating how essential it is to support local centres that look after older carers’ needs.

Based on a survey of 639 carers aged 60-94, the report found that 65% of older carers have long term health problems or a disability themselves and seven out of ten (68.8%) say that being a carer has an adverse effect on their mental health.

Of the UK‟s approximately six million carers, around half are aged over 50 and 1.5 million of these are carers over the age of 60 alone.

The pressures of caring also particularly affect older carers in other ways; a major concern for eight out of ten is what will happen to the person they care for in the future. And only half feel safe or confident in lifting the person they care for.

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8 thoughts on “Devastating impact on health of older carers – The Princess Royal Trust for Carers 12/9/11

  1. John says:

    It’s a blueprint for social justice. Way ahead of its time. And now we’re being plunged back into the dark ages because folk won’t wake up and smell the coffee! They’re taking us ALL down, baby! 🙁 If we LET THEM!?

  2. Elysabeth Mccaig-scott on Facebook says:

    It’s pathetic, every single policy the fall out is disgusting and kands always upon the most helpless. How many older people childmind their grandchildren for FREE so the parents can afford to work? COmbine the looking after of the elderly (my Mum is a sandwich carer whose ill herself) and those few years make a big difference to an individual. This will only increase costs on the state but as normal, the ConDems just want to fuck families over.

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