Cerebral palsy sufferer beaten in street attack

A MAN who suffers cerebral palsy was left needing hospital treatment for a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain after he was attacked, say police.

Investigators are now appealing to the public after the savage attack left the 30-year-old man with no memory of the incident and bouts of depression.

Scant details from one witness has helped detectives recreate the moments leading up to the assault, which took place on August 23 at around 10.20pm on a footpath between the Transit Way Tesco car park and Shakespeare Road in Honicknowle.

Det Con Sarah Rawlinson, lead investigator said the victim, whose cerebral palsy affects the entire right hand side of his body, was walking with a friend when they heard a loud argument between a young man and a teenage girl.

It is believed the victim approached the pair, but was struck around the face and knocked to the ground where his head hit the pavement.

The man’s 55-year-old mother told The Herald: “He’s a lovely person, one of the most kind and caring people you could meet.

“To see what’s been done to his face was horrendous. He looked like Frankenstein’s monster. His left cheek was swollen up, nose broken, bruises everywhere. There was a stamp mark on his hand and bruising up his arm. He’s had such trouble standing up or sitting, with bruising all round his back and backside.

“His skull fracture went from his left ear almost all the way round to his right ear.

“I truly thought I was going to lose him.

“He’s physically recovering but emotionally it’s been heartbreaking. He’s lost all confidence in himself.

“In his worst moments he’s said he doesn’t want to live.

“He said ‘I don’t know where to start anymore, I can’t defend myself.’ We’re trying to build him up again, letting him know we love him.

“I just can’t get over the cowardice of the person who did this.”

Police say the attacker was white, aged around 17, of medium build. He had dark hair pushed forward and shaved around the side, a white long-sleeved jumper with blue horizontal stripes around the chest. It is believed he was riding a red or orange scrambler-type motorbike.

The girl was described as being white, aged around 13 or 14 years with short brown hair.

Det Con Rawlinson said: “The victim has no memory of the incident and feels very agitated as a result.

“We want to hear from anyone who may have seen the young couple or the incident.”

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