5 thoughts on “A Message From Michael Moore – Support The NHS

  1. stan says:

    It seems to me a guy from the USA can see and grasp the problem better than the British Public and certainly better than the British politicians.
    I believe we have a large amount of our sitting politicians who have a vested interest in private health and private health insurance and they are waiting in line to take their share of the billions to be made out of peoples suffering .
    A more clear warning regarding bankruptcy could not be given .
    If the Public can listen and grasp what the future holds we may yet change the tide ,this film will go a long way to helping do that, we must make this warning go “VIRAL”

  2. muffie02 says:

    http://dwpexaminations.blacktrianglecampaign.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1813 – thanks for your support – if you want to make a film about whats going on in the uk with the government – private firms + the media victimising the sick and disabled – there are loads of people who will be willing to help – just log in to the URL given and we will make you welcome

    to the rest of you out there if you are NOT up to speed on whats happening or are a victim of a healthcare firm deciding you are “fit for work ” – visit us too

  3. Rebelliousstreak says:

    When you take into consideration how the NHS is being privatised behind our backs to enable more companies like Atos, to profiteer from the sick, and disabled of the UK. The government officials making these decisions; of putting profit before healthcare, do so because, THEY are fortunate enough to have the choice to go private.
    The bonus; is they can save money at the same time, as more people die due to inadequate healthcare, they will need to send less for WCA , especially if Atos are one of the companies chosen to run the NHS. They can deal with their clients on the operating table to save time.
    And just in case Atos don’t manage to kill everyone off fast enough for the Governments liking, they have enlisted the help of Unum, (who were disgraced in the USA for creaming off their sick and disabled), to help them as personal advisers to the DWP.
    Extract from the summary “Even the higher level of benefits will fall significantly short of what most clients need in order to meet their usual household bills”
    They have thought of it all. I cannot think why people compare them to other perpetrators of atrocities can you?????

  4. Sharon says:

    I am so ashamed to be British right now. I hate the fact that we are being run by a bunch of people who still laugh at school boy type humoured jokes at someone elses expense and the way that the sick, disabled and unfortunate are being targeted by the bullying, stressful and humiliating tactics that is the welfare reform bill whilst there not being the jobs out there to sustain everyone they are about to sanction or cut off from benefit.
    To top it all off, I can’t believe what they are doing to our beloved NHS despite all of the nonsence they spout about not privitising it.
    How much longer are the people going to sit back and let the country that we love so much be destroyed by two men and their muppets?

    To Cameron and Clegg, I would say – If you want the respect you so obviously think you deserve, get out of office before you make a mess of anything else. Since you came into power you have done nothing but destroy everything that we believe in whilst stamping all over those who can defend themselves and when they can, taking their right to defend themselves away with your changes in laws to suit yourselves. You are a disgrace to our country and maybe you should get your parents to teach you a little more morality and manners when it comes to treating others and taking their needs into consideration. If I was your mother, I would be so very very ashamed.
    While you are at it, stop scrounging off of those tax payers that you claim to have their interests at heart when you are making your cuts.

    Put your money where your mouth is and cut your paycheck by half. You don’t need the amount of money you are on to live and MP’s certainly don’t need to get paid for jeering, laughing and making sexist innuendos in parliament. If those on ESA are forced to live on £65 per week and get by, then why should you have such a huge wage at the taxpayers expense. After all on every benefit award notice, they mention that it is the amount people are expected to be able to live on, that is given.

  5. Mo Stewart says:

    Guys, this has less to do with Cameron and Clegg and much more to do with Thatcher. She brought in this system back in 1992, and it has been escalated over time with Blair bringing in WCA and now this lot are continuing, with Freud being the common denominator. Saving the NHS is just one part of the battle. Saving the welfare state, including the NHS, is a much bigger battle and countless thousands are victims already. Mo

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