Carr & Treasure Become Down & Outs and Parasitic Wankers

So the Sick & Disabled are "Parasitic Wankers" now according to ATOS staff 🙁

A Freedom of Information request has today revealed that Debbie Carr, the Atos Health Care “Professional” who referred to the sick and disabled whose capability for work she assessed as “Down and Outs” several times on her Facebook page and Anthony Treasure, the Atos assessment centre administrator who said his work involved dealing with parasitic wankers on his, (as revealed on this web site),  have today become down and outs and parasitic wankers themselves after having their resignations accepted by Atos.

2 down, we have to keep up the good work, there’s a lot more of the poverty pimps to be got rid of yet. 




10 thoughts on “Carr & Treasure Become Down & Outs and Parasitic Wankers

  1. John says:

    I don’t think we should stoop so low as to adopt their language of oppression and contempt. This is certainly not something I take any pleasure in at all. I just feel extremely saddened that the prevailing ethos of society today is one that sets neighbour against neighbour, human being against human being. I pray that it will soon end and there will be no more victims; no more perpetrators: AND DEFINITELY NO MORE BYSTANDERS of INJUSTICE!

  2. ATOS Miracles says:

    John is a better person than I and I do appreciate his humanity on this matter. My first reaction was to smile… Trying to react on a higher level perhaps this is part of their own ‘life journey’ to suffer and learn from it as some of us try to turn our sufferings into something positive beyond the misery.

  3. Action_T4 says:

    The FOI response was ambiguous however, as although it states they resigned it continued with “further disciplinary action” would be taken against other individuals if necessary.
    If disciplinary action was taken against Carr and Treasure, and they are no longer in the employ of Atos, this would suggest they had been sacked.

    In relation to the recent incidents Atos Healthcare has accepted the resignation of two individuals and will take further disciplinary action in relation to any other individuals as is necessary.

  4. Joe Kane on Facebook says:

    Of course it’s the system we are fighting and not each other, which is what the system thrives on anyway –
    – except that the sick and disabled of Britian have been tossed into the DWP-Atos human meat grinder.

    Both these two former Atos employees had every opportunity to see up close the effects of their work on the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society, and their reaction was to take great relish in kicking their sick and disabled victims when they were down.

    Excuse me if I don’t shed any tears for the inhuman filth and scum of this earth, such Atos employees or Southern Cross employess – or the likes of concentration camp guards, or Harold Shipton or the 101 monsters that prey on the weak and vulnerable just because they can when the opportunity arises, or because they’re just following orders.

    Let their downfall and the public disgust at their behaviour be an example to the rest of the monsters who think they can abuse children with special learning difficulties in Winterbourne View, or who demonise sick and disabled as they were once demonised in Nazi Germany.

    When these former Atos employees had the opportunity to treat people decently they didn’t do it – now the opportunity is gone and they can’t, then somehow we’re supposed to feel sorry for them. My arse.

    Now they know exactly how their victims feel, except their victims had committed no crime except the crime of being unable to defend themselves against those in authority with power.

  5. Joe Kane on Facebook says:

    I notice in the DWP reply that they are is still refering to patients seen by the Atos -employed medical staff as ‘claimants’ when the GMC has already publicly stated that it is a ‘doctor-patient’ relationship which exists when the sick and disabled are being put through their never ending DWP-Atos ‘functional’ assessments –

    For more info see –
    The GMC’s response to that ATOS article
    Margaret McCartney’s blog
    07 Mar 2011

  6. Bill Kruse says:

    Now would be a good time to contact them and see if, being a little bitter perhaps, they want to spill the beans about the Atos so-called training. They will no doubt have signed confidentiality agreements with penalty clauses but, given their circumstances, I doubt they’ll have too much to lose.


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