The Great Atos Re-Brand Continues

Several weeks ago the poverty pimps we all know and love, Atos Healthcare, for some unknown reason decided to spend umpteen thousands of £’s of the taxpayers money, (their income does after all come from the taxpayer), going through a major rebrand that has included a newly designed logo with this reason possibly having something to do with their old fishy logo and thus their brand image being redesigned by so many people so that it more reflected on the way that they carry out their business having displayed their fantastic efforts online in spite of legal threats from Atos’s chief legal bully boy James Loughrey.

Thanks to a challenge from the excellent The Void Blog, (the source of the original article that resulted in Carer Watch Forum being brought down), and the efforts of many brilliant amateur graphic artists out there their new logo has quickly seen many redesigns as seen in the screenshot of page 2 of a Google image search for “Atos Logo” below with Black Triangle also being happy to reproduce some of them individually below this screenshot.


Lets keep the coming and posted on the internet with the more of these we get out there the more chance we have of taking over page one of a Google image search, a page that it appears Atos are struggling to maintain their position on.

On another note I’m please to say that as well as there are now a total of 24 other web sites carrying the article that led to Carer Watch Forum being pulled from the internet, (see below), in a amazing show of solidarity towards those Atos are trying to suppress. Many thanks one and all 🙂

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