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  • Mo Stewart August 27, 2011 at 5:52 pm

    This was a smoke screen and a distraction to permit insurance giant UNUM Insurance to begin to launch their income protection (disability) insurance mass marketing as we take another step closer to American style funded healthcare. UNUM Insurance – formerly known as Unum Provident Insurance are one of the most discredited companies in the USA, identified as the 2nd worst insurance company in the US by the American Association for Justice in 2009. UNUM have been advisers to the UK government since 1994, and this government funded medical abuse of the chronically sick and disabled poulation, used by Atos Healthcare, is a replica of those used by Unum. The medical assessments exclude medical reports by GPs and Consultants, and the DWP Decision Makers who decide who loses benefit, are basic grade civil servants instead of medical administrators, so by their own admission are incapable of comprehending medical evidence offered by the patient/client. Therefore, they must accept anything advised by Atos Healthcare verbatim as they are incapable of challenging their opinions. This is government funded medical tyranny against those least able to protest and is in place to reduce welfare costs in advance of more radical changes planned for the future. We are rapidly becoming another American state.
    As a medically retired health professional, and a disabled female veteran, I have researched the activities of the relationship between the DWP, Atos and Unum for over 18 months, now all available online.

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