ATOS Miracles, Report Your Miracles HERE

A new Facebook group has been established to record the amazing miracles being carries out my Atos in which they apparently cure seriously sick and disabled people of their illness, they visit an Atos Assessments Centre, some seriously ill and disabled, some even at deaths door and HALLELUJAH !!! they walk, hobble or are wheeled out by a friend and they are amazingly fit and healthy and capable of of work, they no longer a drain on our society as is claimed my Messrs Cameron, Duncan Smith, Langsley, the Daily Mail & Sun.

We at Black Triangle feel that these miracles need recording, not only for posterity, but in order that these miracles can be fully reported to His Holiness The Pope so that Atos can be canonized, made a saint, all hail the future Saint Atos.

Please, if you have been miraculously “cured” by Atos, report your miraculous cure by following the link below. 


6 thoughts on “ATOS Miracles, Report Your Miracles HERE

  1. Michale Dale says:

    Great idea the example letters for GP’s except my GP is a Government stooge and refuses to do squat without an order from the courts and when requested to send in my medical file totally butchered it and even added false information. Medical council is going to be informed of this blatant forgery and refusal of a patient as soon as this appeal is sorted out. Judge at my appeal has set a precedent by adjourning my case until my medical file is corrected.

  2. Michale Dale says:

    OK now my ATOS miracles, I shuffled 3 meters and that miraculously became being able to WALK 200 meters, I went in with TWO walking sticks, which miraculously became ONE, I told the woman that “The bloody chair is too low, when is the Givernment going to get the idea we disabled need higher chairs and certainly more comfortable ones than this?” And I sat and squirmed and bitched about for the length of time I was forced to sit in it, the interview lasted a TOTAL 18 minutes including me having to stand to NOT do what she wanted and that miraculously became “Mr Dale sat for 45 minutes and never moved or complained.” My knees which are both completely shot to the point I need a total knee transplant became miraculously, “Mr Dale managed to squat.”, My inability to bend due Arthritis AND Ankylosing Spondalitis miraculously became “Mr Dale REFUSED to bend over.”, my asking her very politely to move the exam couch away from the wall as my right shoulder is so messed up I cannot get onto it from the right, became miraculously “Mr Dale refused to get onto the exam couch.”

  3. scott speirs says:

    I was assessed by atos at home for dla tribunal doctor also said was capable of 250 metres I suffer with fibromyalgia chronic fatigue syndrome- am now booking my trip to Lourdes!

  4. John says:

    Just a thought on these miracle claims. How do we know whether they are from GOD or from the DEVIL
    answer : God does a proper job
    The devil ( aka ATOS ) sends you once more round the mountain.

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