Figures undermine government’s case for DLA cuts

New official figures have undermined one of the government’s key justifications for reforming and slashing spending on a vital disability benefit.

The disability living allowance (DLA) statistics were only passed by the government to selected newspapers this week and led to stories highlighting what was described as a huge rise in the number of claimants over the last eight years.

But a close examination of the figures suggests the growth in claimants………….. 

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1 thought on “Figures undermine government’s case for DLA cuts

  1. Jack Cajones Jacksie on Facebook says:

    “Excluding children gives a figure for the growth in the number of working-age claimants of DLA of just 13 per cent in eight years, far lower than the 30 per cent increase used by the government to justify its sweeping reforms and cuts.”

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