Thanks to Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson for a very interesting chat

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This afternoon I spoke to Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson, we talked about a number of issues concerning welfare reform and the Atos assessment process.

She is preparing her speech for the second reading in theHouse of Lords in september, anyone who wishes to send her any info regarding their personal experience of Atos, their ideas about welfare reform and disability issues connected with this whole process please send them to her now, she needs as much info as she can get, she is extremely concerned aboutdisabled people being ghettoised and the portrayal of disabled people in the media.

She has told me to contact several other members of the House of Lords who have a huge interest in disability issues and welfare reform/disability benefits, I shall be doing that as soon as I feel up to it, I think I’ve over done it these past few days and now I’m paying for it, only yesterday I had it confirmed to me that I have Fibromyalgia/CFS, I  was  basically told that it’s all in my mind, I can assure you the pain and tiredness, and the other bloody problems I have, are NOT IN MY BLOODY MIND.

As you can imagine the hospital consultant who confirmed what others had already told me is not the flavour of the day, his attitude was appalling, I guess he had a bad day?

Again please send Tanni any relevant info you think might help her, I believe her to be a very sincere person who genuinely wishes to do her best for the disabled/sick community.

Thanks to Victims of Atos Coruption 

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