I think friends of Paul Reekie, to whom this website is dedicated, will baulk at putting the two names in the same sentence. Please bear with me.
Last night I watched minority prime minister David Cameron describe the riots sweeping the UK as “criminality pure and simple”, and that he would ensure those criminals were prosecuted with the full vigour of the law. For sure the riots have shot whatever underlying social cause that might have triggered them in the foot.
Not the way to go.
This is the essence. The law IS the way to go. Not much of me works just now. Physically and mentally, which is why, like many reading the Black Triangle site are here. What does work occasionally are the echoes of a mind that was trained in the law. In this I keep some personal hope alive. In the law we have power. Most of all, in the law, David Camerons’ words will come back to visit his Cabinet. Big time.
Though back to the important issues. I first became aware of Paul Reekie in July 2010 when I read the horror of why he died. For £65 a week in government saving on his benefits.
Then four weeks ago I read about another Paul, this time Paul Willcoxson. Aged 33. He left a suicide note directly blaming government cuts in benefit for his own death.
The death of the two Pauls got me concerned so I put a small internet thread on the dwpexamforum to see if their were any more disability deaths. What shocked me was that within a couple of weeks a list grew with 10 deaths where some culpability attached to the Department of Work and pensions (DWP). This will not do.
Armed with an addled brain and legal training it became apparent that the DWP may be exposed to criminal proceedings under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007. But that couldn’t work, surely? The government is protected by Crown Immunity. Then the golden nugget in this legislation. Crown Immunity to the DWP is specifically REMOVED in the Schedules attached to the Act.
So the point? Paul Reekie didn’t die in vain. He WILL have an effect on David Cameron’s career. Why? How? Well David Cameron doesn’t like “criminality pure and simple”. Last night he said: the police will find, rout out and prosecute criminals to the limit of the law.
Damn right Dave.
The thing is what is good for you to use in political rhetoric about the UK Riots is also good for application to mass manslaughter of the disabled. I, and others are alleging that your Secretary of State has ignored written warnings of the deaths below as being linked to his departmental policies in culling 13 out of 14 disabled people off of benefits.
Mr Cameron’s Secretary of State has been warned, in writing, and his officials have confirmed receipt of this warning in writing, that people are still wanting to commit suicide because of vicious disability benefit cuts using a flawed ‘Medical Assessment’ system. Bad enough we know that 10 disabled people have already died. Worse to come for Dave – his ministers have foreknowledge and therefore premeditation that if they continue with a dangerous defective assessment system more will die. This brings additional legislation of more serious criminality. Not that having the deaths of 10 disabled people and a five month old child on your conscience isn’t serious.
HM Coroner may not say “Unlawful Killing”. Unfortunately for the Cabinet who share collegiate responsibility, the Corporate Manslaughter & Corporate Homicide Act 2007 says different.
So does Mr Cameron. He says that criminality should be routed out and the perpetrators will be prosecuted with the full vigour of the law. For one time I agree with him.
So here is the thing Mr Cameron. Below is the list of ten disabled people who died, allegedly with culpability leaving an evidence trail to your Department of Work and Pensions.
What are YOU going to do about it?
Calum – Retired Police Officer
P.S. Here is the list for you to read Prime Minister…………………..
The Current DWP Death Count is now 10 + 1 Unborn Child + 1 Fatal Misdiagnosis by Atos. Direct Weblinks Here……….




4. & 5.…n/07/mother-suicide-welfare-state






11. Addition to Deaths 4 & 5 Above. Mother was pregnant so her unborn baby died as well.…TO+DEATH+HOLDING+SON.-a0213434697

Plus an example of fatal Atos misdiagnosis….…l/24/atos-case-study-larry-newman

In addition two Attempted Suicides, serious enough to result in “Sectioning” under the Mental Health Act.


  1. Elysabeth Mccaig-scott on Facebook says:

    Powerfull writing, am crying because of what the DWP hiding behind ATOS been doing to people just for being disabled. The full force of the law has to protect all members of society-not just having “rights” only if youre wealthy enough to pay for them, Cameron, IDS, Grayling and the chair of ATOS belong behind bars for a very, very long time. That is what morally ought to happen after the deaths their policies have wraught.

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