What Debbie Carr, an ATOS HCP thinks of her clients ???

Where she works
Down & Outs ???
Down & Outs Again ???
The Disabled Are Depressing ???
At least a better class of - Yes again, Down & Outs ???
Even More "Down & Outs" ???
To quote Jimmy Cricket, "and there's more" - "Down and Outs" ???
Forget about assessing the sick and disabled, she's "here to make money" - Posted from work ???

 What chance do the sick and disabled have when the above is what their so called Health Care “Professionals” think of them ???

More to come on this, far more, Black Triangle will be demanding her sack ! 

Many thanks to http://dwpexamination.myfreeforum.org/ for passing this on to The Black Triangle Campaign.

37 thoughts on “What Debbie Carr, an ATOS HCP thinks of her clients ???

    1. Holmey says:

      I’ve removed the image with the photographs of her kids Dawn until I’m home tomorrow when I can edit the image, good point.

  1. Dawn Thorpe on Facebook says:

    Great piece though apart from that. We had info the other day re the assessments. People are being assessed as soon as they walk through the door, who you walk, how you talk to the receptionist etc – everything……the bosses at Atos might not like this being public – but they have as much contempt for people as this sad excuse for a woman does!

  2. Zachary Danger Martin on Facebook says:

    Granted Atos bosses show even less compassion or consideration than their footsoldiers, but all employers get a mood on if you badmouth them on Facebook. It would be a great way to get her fired, and I can think of no more poetic justice than forcing her to become one of us “down and outs”.

  3. Lauren Foster on Facebook says:

    If she feels it’s ok to voice these things about patients in public it’s herself potentially placing her kids at risk. She should use her brain more. Lets hope a few people who see this have assessments with her next week. I used to not wish mental health problems on anyone, now I don’t give a toss. It’d do bimbo’s like this good to see it from the other side.

    1. wunnell says:

      they have no medical qualifications at all in most cases, so no, they haven’t practiced to be stuck off

      1. mike abbott says:

        er….to WUnnell..if you read carefully the job adverts for A|TOS, yo will see that they require doctors to be registered with the GMC and nurses with the NMC, as a condition of their employent. They are , therefore, by default, bound by their code of professional conduct. one little slip ovedr the line and they can be reported for professional misconduct. Hit them all hard!- get them all reported for misconduct- use every weapon at your disposal!

  4. Sybil Lucas-Brewer on Facebook says:

    Debbie Carr, you are a snob and should be removed from the staff of Atos, forthwith. Hope your genetics are strong, and you never have to come face to face with a.n.other with your views as a down and out. Social and disabled prejudice, with no understanding, just a job with money at the end of the day. These down and outs are human beings through no fault of their own got sick.

  5. Greasy-Dick McHerpes on Facebook says:

    as scummy as atos are, it makes me kind of uncomfortable trying to get an individual employee sacked for venting a bit of steam about their work.
    everyone who deals with the public does this, it makes you feel a little better about the shit you’ve been dealing with all day and does noone any harm unless of course someone goes and takes screenshots of it and posts it all over the internet.
    fucks sake, i’ve done this before, one person has pissed me off and as soon as i’ve had the chance to rant safely out of earshot suddenly the entire public are filthy, moaning, ignorant scum who should all be nuked or whatever. doesn’t mean that i actually believed a word of it, just made me feel a bit better and less likely to be a dick to the next person i had to deal with.

    1. Holmey says:

      It’s not just once Dick, it’s several times she has called the people that she is supposed to be assessing as a health care “professional” “Down and Outs”, if that’s what she thinks of people she has a professional duty of care towards how can she be expected to be professional and unbiased in the assessments she carries out. Have you children Dick? How would you feel if your children’s teacher described them as down and outs? She deserves all she will hopefully get.

    2. Calum says:

      With all due respect, try this for being ‘uncomfortable’….The Black Triangle site is dedicated to Paul Reekie, one of the ‘down and outs’ who committed suicide because of the DWP.

      A shame for this dozy woman. She doesn’t know any better. A little simpathy maybe for her and her kids. Which is more than her employers gave the 10 disabled people they have so far helped to kill……..


      I hear what you are saying GDMcH., and have the common decency to feel some sympathy for the mess this woman has now made of her life. Better a little uncomfortable words from her bosses, than to be killed by them? Yes? No?

      Well done BLACK TRIANGLE Website and DWPEXAM Website for exposing what most of us knew already but couldn’t prove.

      And yes, there is a LOT more to come, and a LOT worse.



    3. mike abbott says:

      Point is the more nurses and doctors who omit, misrepresent, change, falsify or tamper with medical details on an asessment, they can and should all be reported for |Gross Professional Misconduct to the NMC or the GMC. A|TOS will only employ nurses and doctors who have ‘unrestricted’ current registration with their professional bodies. It is a condition of their employment, therefore by default they are using their professional registration in their daily work. If more and more nurses and doctors are suspended pending a fitness-to -practice enquiry, ATOS will quickly run out of nurses and doctors. Worried about reporting them? costing them their job? spare me the sanctimony. Hit these arrogant uncaring bastards hard!, repeatedly!, like Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

  6. Greasy-Dick McHerpes on Facebook says:

    you can’t judge how someone treats people in a professional capacity from what they post on their facebook under the assumption that only their friends will read it. if she’s been known to treat her clients like crap while actually working then by all means, screw her over in any way possible, but if all that’s known about her is that she refers to people as down and outs on her facebook then sorry, but i’m not supporting it.

    1. mike abbott says:

      Spare me the sanctimony¬!. Mothers are starving themselves to feed their kids! People are dying, by suicide, quietly! Get real!. Drive these tyrants over every cliff between here and sanity clause.! Use every weapon at your disposal, and hit them hard, where it hurts.!

  7. Candy Floss on Facebook says:

    This woman is a NURSE, she is assessing sick and vulnerable people and they have a code to follow, she didnt not only follow that code she made her hatred of ill people public. Would you want this “nurse” treating you or your family if you were ill??? Didnt think so.

  8. Sasha Callaghan on Facebook says:

    She doesn’t sound as if she has an ounce of empathy in her body BUT I think anyone who works for Atos probably runs the risk of ending up like her. The whole culture is one where a relentless drive for profit permeates every human interaction. When you’re expected to meet a daily target of 8 assessments there isn’t much time for empathy, humanity or professionalism. I’m not excusing her remarks but I’m not shocked. No difference between Atos and a factory production line.

    1. mike abbott says:

      er….the daily target is 10 assessments, so thats 48 minutes per assessment, oh wait….not including breaks and lunch…..ok so thats 42 minutes per assessment,.

  9. Calum says:

    Appreciate your point standing up for the workers GDMcH, but does the phrase “we were only following orders” ring a bell?

    If you CHOOSE to work for the DWP in this ‘Medical Assessment’ mess, then any sentient human being with an ounce of common decency KNOWS exactly what they are doing; what kind of outfit they are working; for and what the consequences for the ‘down and outs’ are.

    Nurses at Atos are paid around £34,000 a year. The ESA that their ‘assessments’ manage to con real disabled people out of is £3,400.

    Do the maths. Robin Hood in reverse.

    I have some sorrow for this dozy woman, but not a lot. My REAL sorrow is for Paul Reekie.



  10. Greasy-Dick McHerpes on Facebook says:

    aren’t you just giving atos the chance to make themselves look better by firing her?
    they can make some statement about how this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated from their staff even outside of work hours, she gets fired, the politicians and bosses who have created this situation don’t suffer the consequences, nothing has changed apart from one more poor fucker who wouldn’t have been allowed to do a better and more compassionate job even if she wanted to ends up on the dole queue. great.

  11. Elaine says:

    I resent being referred to as a “down and out” as do so many others. Prejudiced stereotyping at its worst. Most of us did not ask for our illnesses or disabilities. I worked and paid taxes and NI for over 22 years before I reached a point where I could work no more. Whilst she may feel pressured with her job, she has proven that most of these assessors have no interest in seeing us as individual human beings coming to terms with conditions that many of us have succumbed to as time went on, not a “herd” to be labelled!!

  12. Candy Floss on Facebook says:

    Sorry but I have no sympathy. She knew what she was doing, what the job entailed, and decided to make her contempt for the sick and disabled public. This was her own doing, the sick and disabled arent that way by choice, and certainly dont attend these assessments by choice. Nobody deserves to be slagged off and made fun of for being ill by anyone let alone a nurse. I call it Karma.

  13. Greasy-Dick McHerpes on Facebook says:

    fair enough, i made a similar point to the one you’re making when people were expressing sympathy for NOTW journalists who lost their jobs, that they went in with their eyes open knowing full well who they were accepting a job from, but i’m not sure if it’s quite as clear cut in the case of ATOS and DWP employees.

  14. Terninator says:

    I did originally post a video on youtube about Debbie Carr it can be seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AtkI4ygTkw
    I didn’t use the images because I knew ATOS would do everything they could to have it pulled and without me openly naming her this IMHO would prove difficult for them.
    Although I believe we want her sacked we also want her registration revoked, permanently, so she is unable to ever subject claimants to assessments that IMHO are going to be totally biased. Her comments may also show that this is the general thinking of a portion of the HCPs employed by ATOS.
    I have to whole of this transcript and this & Debbie Carr even refers to the workplace as a sh!thole! Remember papers have ran story’s of people being sacked for just saying their job is boring on their fcebook page.
    As candy floss says would you want her to assess you? I for one would hit her if I came across her at an assessment

    Greasy-Dick McHerpes some people think they can hide behind their facebook page, obviously this woman didn’t know to make her page hidden so the question to ask is, How many ATOS HCPs on facebook refer to claimants as down & outs but have their page only visible to friends?

  15. dwp examination says:

    We have to take every opportunity to take the fight to them, this was unprofessional and a clear indication of how she felt about her job and the clients she saw every day. She is/was in a position of responsibility dealing with vulnerable people and abused that trust publicly. The DWPand thier enforcement arm ATOS arequickto critisize the sick and disabled, its time we got some of our own back

  16. penny reed says:

    has anybody noticed the dates of her comments, they were from last year… do we know if she still works for atos or not. and yes ahe was bloody stupid putting these comments up and i hope to god i dont come across her at all. i was a manageress of a very busy dry cleaning store before i became an “down and out” and i didnt ask to become ill and unable to look after myself

  17. rednam says:

    She got the same last name as that comedian, Maybe she think shes funny, Make me feel sick to read something like this, Should be struck off and then she would have to sign on.

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