David Cameron’s not fit to lead the country

David Cameron (Pic: Reuters)

DAVID Cameron claims that three-quarters of those applying for Employment Support Allowance (the successor to Incapacity Benefit) can go to work immediately. He is a liar.

He bases this fake figure on a survey by the Department of Work and Pensions showing that 39 per cent who took a tough new test for ESA were deemed fit for work and moved to Jobseekers’ Allowance. A further 36 per cent gave up before completing the test.

Dodgy Dave, who’s never had a proper job in his life, assumes that all those who failed the test are scrimshankers, and all those who pulled out were trying it on.

Of course, those who can work, should work. But the ConDems simply want to save money for tax cuts for the better-off, not help those who have ­difficulty helping themselves. Cameron’s abuse of statistics to criminalise them is despicable.

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