Furious doctors threaten first strike in 36 years over pension cuts

THEY’RE not known for their militancy, but even doctors have turned on the Government in fury over hated pensions reforms.

For the first time since 1975 medics are ­threatening to strike at plans to slash their retirement funds.

British Medical ­Association delegates voted by almost nine to one to ballot on “all forms” of industrial action at its conference in Cardiff.

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Leader Dr Hamish Meldrum said: “We will not accept an unwarranted assault on our pensions.”

He warned that Chief Treasury ­Secretary Danny ­Alexander’s “ultimatums and ridiculous threats” could scupper a peaceful resolution. BMA pensions committee chair Andrew Dearden said the NHS scheme was ­overhauled three years ago and has an annual £2billion surplus.

He added: “The ­Government has made the assumption because we live 10 years longer, we can work 10 years longer.

“Ten years longer in life does not mean 10 years longer of working life, especially one that requires very high skill.

“Would you be happy for a 68-year-old neurosurgeon to dig inside your head?”

BMA members will now vote on whether to strike.

Dr Dearden insisted it would be a “last resort”.

Health chiefs said the BMA has been “invited to discuss” pension changes.

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1 thought on “Furious doctors threaten first strike in 36 years over pension cuts

  1. Holmey says:

    I think this says so much about the medical profession today that they can threaten to go on strike over pension changes, (money), but they won’t call for any action over the DWP & Atos abusing their patients.

    A great start would be booting out and striking off any doctor or professional medic from their register who works for Atos carrying out their sham assessments on behalf of the DWP.

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