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  • “As a disabled socialists I watched the events unfold with mixed emotions; part of me understood why the disabled community had come out in such numbers to vent their anger at the continued ideological attack being waged against them, the other part of me was saddened by the fact that this genuine mood of anger was being hijacked by a campaign which lacked serious political leadership and as a result pandered to dominant views of disabled people as ‘dependent upon charity’ and incapable to taking control over their own lives.”

  • “If disabled people are going to be supported in their struggle for dignity and respect, maintain independence and fight for full participation within mainstream society, then the opposition to the Government’s attacks must be led by disabled people and from within a perspective which
    sees disability as a political issue rather than a “tragedy”. If the anti-cuts movements fails in this task they will become part of “the problem” for disabled people and not allies in the search for real lasting solutions.”

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