Disabled People fighting the cuts


Disabled people are being hit in every aspect of life by the cuts imposed by the coalition government. But a fightback is taking place. Thousands of disabled people joined the TUC March for the Alternative on 26 March, and thousands took part in the Hardest Hit march and rally on 11 May, the largest demonstration by disabled people for decades. There was then a national week of action highlighting the role of ATOS healthcare in administering the WCA (see below) with protests in London, Bristol, Truro, Manchester, Cambridge, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff and other places. Unions need to understand the multiple impacts of the cuts on this community, and to ensure both that these attacks on disabled people are challenged by unions, and that trade union campaigns reach out to, and link up with, campaigns led by disabled people. This briefing first presents an overview of the impact of cuts already made and others in preparation, and then proposes ways in which unions can participate in the challenge.

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