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  • Holmey June 8, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    “In short, I am pleased and gratified to see the progress that has been made to
    implement my recommendations. I detect a real enthusiasm for change at the
    JCP/BDC local level and real commitment from senior officials in Caxton House to 4
    convert these recommendations into real and lasting policy changes. Some cultural
    inertia exists in middle management but I am speaking to DWP/JCP about this and
    understand they are working to change the ethos and attitudes here as well. This
    change will be critical in supporting my recommendations and their success.
    As a result of all this, I believe that the WCA can become less mechanistic, more
    empathetic and more evidence-based. The result would be a fairer system.”

  • Just released, Professor Harrington’s interim report –

  • Ffs! nothing has changed it’s just a smoke screen. they’re hoping to cut as many people off as possible before anything approaching “fair” is implemented. He’s an unwitting tool of this junta and he’s becoming less unwitting and more complicit with each passing second. he is the respectable face of the utterly unacceptable and unjustifiable. a pure tool.

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