Hearings of people arrested and charged because of last years student protests including ALFIE MEADOWS.

The cases of Alfie Meadows, Jody McIntyre, Smiley Culture, Kingsley Burrell Brown and Ian Tomlinson highlight the scale of violent and political policing in Britain today and the impunity with which they are being allowed to operate.

ALFIE MEADOWS was hit so hard by a police baton during the student fees protest on 9 December that he required three hours emergency brain surgery. He has been charged with violent disorder, despite an ongoing IPCC investigation into the police behaviour towards him on the day.

JODY MCINTYRE was struck with a police baton, forcefully removed from his wheelchair twice, and dragged across the road by a police officer. Last week, an internal police investigation supervised by the IPCC concluded that Jody was ‘inadvertently’ struck with the baton, and that his removal from his wheelchair was ‘justifiable and lawful’.

SMILEY CULTURE died from stab wounds during a police raid on his home.

KINGSLEY BURRELL BROWN died in suspicious circumstances after being sectioned in a mental institute by the police.

IAN TOMLINSON died after being pushed to the ground by a police officer at the G20 demonstrations. After initially denying any involvement, the DPS have now charged PC Simon Harwood with manslaughter.



MORE INFO: www.defendtherighttoprotest.org

The action against Jody McIntyre was percieved justifiable given the officers’ perceived risk to him – a risk blamed on the violent disorder of protesters. This follows hard on the heels of the outrageous decision to charge Alfie Meadows with violent disorder

In reality the violence that occurred on the fees demonstrations came from the police. Many peaceful protesters were charged by mounted officers or with batons and shields, and thousands were contained in a kettle for hours into the night without food, water, shelter or toilet facilities.

The unlawful killing of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests show these are not isolated incidents but part of wider pattern of police violence.

In March this year Smiley Culture died from stab wounds sustained during a police raid on his home. Thousands have joined Smiley Culture’s family in demanding answers and justice. They have been told to await the result of an IPCC investigation.

But how can anyone trust the IPCC to rule on a case involving the police that took place at Smiley Culture’s home when they allow the police to get away with justifying violence towards Jody McIntyre which featured widely on BBC news footage?

The treatment of Alfie, Jody and Smiley Culture and many others shows that a culture of impunity surrounds the issue of police violence.

It also shows that while protesters can face jail terms simply for speaking out against cuts, police officers are still not held to account for their violent actions, even when they result in death.

On 9th June, the day Alfie Meadows faces his first hearing, supporters will be coming to the court to demand the charges against him are dropped.

We will be demanding justice for Aflie Meadows, Jody McIntyre, Smiley Culture and all other victims of police brutality.



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