HomeBlack Triangle News‘Let us now target the waste, not the weak’ by Harry Reid, Herald Scotland 31/05/11
  • Mo Stewart September 4, 2011 at 11:36 pm

    Oh dear! Here we go again Black Triangle because your comments do not represent me I’m afraid. Whilst I applaud your passion, and agree with the sentiment, I can’t possibly agree with the above statement.

    Like it or not, for those of use who are medically trained, and have met countless numbers of chronically sick and/or disabled people in our careers, many of them are indeed very, very, VERY vulnerable, which is why they need us to fight on their behalf. Indeed, for those who’ve been profoundly ill since childhood they can indeed often be very inarticulate too, or easily intimidated. They just aren’t used to dealing with perceived agressive authority, and many have never had the education to be anything else due to profound illness. In my clinical experience, the above comments of Harry Reid are not at all untrue and, even if you don’t like them, it doesn’t make them untrue.

    We all can’t be fighters Black Triangle, and surely our group should battle longest and hardest on behalf of those who just wouldn’t know where to start. Once you see Redress For The Disabled, to be published soon on BT, then you may begin to comprehend that the very definition of any civilised society is how it looks after those who need the most help who, usually by definition, are often very, very vulnerable and, as you already know, some of them ring me in tears. Mo Stewart

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