Hello and Welcome to Black Triangles New Web Site !

In view of Facebook appearing to want to censor what groups it is going to allow, (see – Facebook Upgrade Spurs Fears of Political Bias), especially after Black Triangle Facebook group was dismantled prior to the royal wedding, in support of and in solidarity with Black Triangle, (with full agreement of it’s admin), I have developed this web for them.

As a way of sticking 2 fingers up at Facebook and for familiarity of use I’ve deliberately made the format of this site similar to that of Facebook in that you can post individual status updates and reply to them, befriend people, just the same as FB together with a forum, a newsfeed for disabled issues and The Black Triangle Blog.

The Admin of the Black Triangle web site will be the same as the admin of The Black Triangle FB group and nobody, and I mean nobody will take this site down, (Atos Origin are trying to get www.afteratos.org taken down under threat of legal action but I have stuck a metaphorical 2 fingers up at them too), and all your details that you enter to register on the site will be kept confidential and on an encrypted database that nobody else will be allowed access to. Over the next week a domain will be registered for Black Triangle and this site will be transferred to that domain instead of being hosted on a sub domain of www.afteratos.org.

Please register on this new Black Triangle web site then you won’t loose contact with Black Triangle and Black Triangle won’t loose contact with you, you know it makes sense.

Many thanks Black Triangle for doing what you do, I hope with the help of this web site you go from strength to strength.


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