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  • kelpimare September 26, 2012 at 2:48 am

    God help us, because there isn’t one politician willing to do so.

    Whatever happened to labour, the party of the people, for the people? Simple. It’s been taken over by Blairites, who only care about the ‘middle’ and the wealthy.
    Libdems? Same thing, with the added bonus(?) of selling out to the Tories, who never cared about the workers, or society’s vulnerable.

    Austerity. Suffered by the many, unknown to a very, very few.

    • rachel September 26, 2012 at 4:54 am

      did anyone see that Demos was an anagram for ‘Sod ’em’, and for anyone giving up hope, just listen to Dame Anne Begg’s speech on Atos recently at Westminster Hall, it will put fire in your loins!

  • Laz September 26, 2012 at 8:14 am

    They can put any label they like on this and a big agenda is creating proffits off the back of illness ,disability & creating fear amoung the rest.When the population witness the suffering & misery and the incidences of deaths & abject poverty as they rise dramatically they will rush like the sheep they have been trained to be since Thatcher and pay to cover themselves from companies that will limit or weedle their way out of responsability when they have to pay out. We & Employers paid national insurance not just for pensions and benefits in time of need,but for a national health service to ensure the health and civilised treatment of our people.The political parties are now run by the wealthy elite & not just in the UK.We blame the EU and immigration because of the media and a need to find someone to blame but the same is happening to the people in other nations across the Globe & the truth is the wealthy elite steer the masses where they want us ,totaly under their control.After the next “Big One ” we be told the only solution for the future will be a single world Government which whatever way it is set up will be truely run by the same clan that are pushing through their adjenda now.What is to come will effect all classes and unless we all unite and break down the divisions that have been cleverly put in place we are ALL screwed.Labour has been silent because it is the same as the other two parties,we need reform of how we chose our Government & must stand firm and say No to the polices being forced on us .

  • ODIN September 26, 2012 at 8:59 am

    Laz I totally agree with all that you say, but I am afraid that the British people will do nothing to help us not until it’s too late for them as well. While they can have their little holidays their nice little cars their four walls of bricks and they can go clubbing and shopping they will do nothing and will not care. This has all happened before throughout Human history and the lesson is never learned, look at the German people that were seduced by the Nazi regime they had their scapegoats too didn’t they.

    We don’t need self serving politicians we need Individuals who will represent their people, this is not a democracy this is a sham, If the people do nothing now all that our forefathers sacrificed for us is going to be in vain. Politicians think they are powerful but their power is shallow power and shallow power tends to burn brightly for a short time then burns out completely.

  • jeffery davies September 26, 2012 at 10:24 am

    and thats our fate sealed for good ,started by blair now used by the torys to see us off and yes the population hasnt woke up to the fact that firms like these are not there for their benefit jeff3

  • Laz September 26, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    Goes further back than Blair Jeffery.Plans were being hatched before the end of WW2.The Wealthy Elite Industrialists & Bankers had already traded with the 3rd Reich & were put out by Japan who refused to play ball long before the invasion of Poland and continued to Increace their fortunes during the main event that followed putting the country in debt for years after. Post war fear and a campaign devised to create it was used to split the World and devide Nations .Our population united with class devisions less predominant due to the National joint effort to overcome the Enemy worked together to re-build and make the Country a better place for all,but the Elite feared they would loose power and knowing at this time any blatant acts to supress the will of the people could cause civil up-rising, bided their time .Under the guise of the Cold War the Unions & many other organisations were infiltrated by the Intelligence agencies which is logical as no doubt it was feared Red Flag agents would do the same .The tools were in place for much later and adgitators were used to influence and steer these accociations to disrupt and thus cause division amoung us all .Under Ted Heath the start of the plan failed but in Mrs Thatchers years with clever use of the modernised and tightly controlled media it was easy to bring that stage of the plan to an effective conclusion ,her words were “There is No Society but Induviduals “,which was the final battle cry that declared Victory of the Devision of the Masses . The lessons learned ,the pre-war Power is now within their reach as all the safety nets are removed so society can be tightly controled to their likeing.A step toward the wrong outcome will prevoke another banking crash to bring us all to heel. Most modern countries ,especialy the EU & even former eastern block countries have their own Benefit and health systems & after living abroad I can tell you hand on heart that many are as good as ours and in some cases better .Past “health visitors” over for a free-bee have not been from those nations.The same measures are now being inplemented in Europe,Spain for example, to bring the same controls over the people as is happening here.The people need to communicate and not be fed by the media propaganda because to ever rid ourselves of this treatment by the Elite wa all have to say NO,not just here in blighty but everywhere.
    There will be concequences for us all ,but we have reached a point in History where either we effect change in a non destructive manner or will fall into a New Dark age for Humanity.We have strenths and a will that surpasses the conditioned reactions of our past,we must find the Courage,Commitment & go through the Sufferage armed with a Compassionate Heart for our fellows and a Heart of Steel to face our opressors .God Bless and Good Luck .Laz

    • ODIN September 26, 2012 at 2:37 pm

      But will people listen Laz? If they are comfortable being fed lies (which we know they are) will they want to rock their comfortable boats, even if their boats are slowly leaking? but so slow they cannot or choose not to notice. My thinking is that they will do nothing until it’s too late, but then again it’s never too late is it.

  • jefflph September 28, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    i have been telling people this for years,as long as there not affected they say i dont care till its there turn.to have there heads chopped off .. jeff ..

  • jeffery davies October 9, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    its tony blair the tory who goes under labour disguise but he had talks with unum after they started to come over here from usa and set up shop ,putting advisers to goverment and insurance and putting people into power where they influenced those who govern that ms and so on is all in the patients mind and that cutting benefits for those who cant work is good for them so unum please please go back to america and take the dickhead partys tory and labour ops little torys back with you .there must be some states where your kind can prosper without being fined ops another blunder by you but over there you cannot hide away from the sick and disabled jeff3

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