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  • Dissabled dave August 30, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Why stop at today? Presumably they don’t work at the weekend, so we can spend all day Saturday and Sunday filling their in-boxes with hundreds of e-mails for them to find on Monday, and they would have to look through the lot in order to find the genuine e-mails.

    The quick way to send loads of e-mails is to put their e-mail address into the “To” box and the “Copy to” box as many times as it will fit. When you press send it leaves you as one e-mail, but arrives there as however many times you have managed to get the e-mail address into the two boxes. Then just do a resend with a different subject line so they can’t identify that they are the same e-mails.

    I did this to my MP when he wouldn’t answer my questions, I could get his e-mail into the boxes 24 times so ten “send”s later and he had 240 e-mails from me.

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