HomeBlogThe perfect storm around disability ~ ‘shouldn’t more questions be asked about how the current system was arrived at, and what purpose it was meant to serve?’
  • brett johnson July 20, 2012 at 6:11 am

    quote :”Obstacles to recovery and return to work are primarily personal, psychological and social rather than health-related “medical” problems.”

    ah so according to this educated idiot – my partial sight – thining bone structure around joints – arthritis – depression – thyroid problems et al – for which i take a range of medications – are all psychological

    well thats all right then – i was worrid there might be something wrong with me

    where the hell do the government GET these IDIOTS as cheif advisors ?? – has prof mansel aylward GOT a disability ?? ( apart from ignorance ) – has he ANY experiance of what its LIKE to have to live with a range of disabling conditions each day ?? – the pain of arthritis ( which is why i have been up since 4 this morning – in pain – a regular occurence ) – the loss of job – driving licences – independance and freedom ect ???

    nah i bet he has not – he talks of work – i wonder ?? – lets see now – nanny – private schools – univercity – cushy clean hands jobs ??? – in all probability i am not far wrong that this is the limit of his experiance of “work ” – nothing like the hard physical and mental grind that many disabled people endured PRIOR to becoming disabled

    and does he SERIOUSLY think that someone who was “medically retired ” following a stroke ( as i was from a good home office job ) and has now got all the problems listed above is going to even get a look in for what jobs there are – given that most days they can hardly move round untill at least taking endless pain killers each day ???

    the man is talking through his ASS as many alleged “experts ” do – none or very few are actually disabled

    once again my contention that an “expert” can be defined thus :

    X= an unknown quantity & and a “spurt ” is a drip under pressure

    is vindicated

    well prof i will do you a swap for my body for a day or too – you will be back begging me for yours back within 12 hours – this i garentee

    all in the mind ?? – yea right

  • jefflph July 20, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    the guy is mad,i heard to day a torry wanker about adoption we he wanted to do,oh why does he not ask an adoptee like me then then he might learn something ,, i call it being to big for his own head look at me i am so imoportant,as if aspergers is life style as my mother as she looked after an aspie ie me .. jeff ..

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