HomeBlogLeveson Inquiry: Lord Justice Leveson has rejected our pleas to hear evidence about press defamation of people with disabilities and hate crime
  • Paul Davidson May 1, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Hi I have no protection whatever under the Equalities act nor Any British term for Human Right’s.

    I’m not a member of Brittish Socirty. merely a victim of some of it’s organisations who harbour abusers within their midst.

    It’s because organisations that abuse me that I can’t get justice. I fear dur to many a Media outlet over the years has had me living in fear. ”Are you afraid yet” Might jog a few memories.

    I woke up this morning counting those who have directly grossly discriminated against me causing severe permanent harm 14 I quickly came up with. ”Systematic organisation led abuses” The obvious. They are attaching the term Mental Health to their deliberate denial.

    Just a shame we cant find a few caring honest and determined ”Media” To defend the helpless against Organisation’s clearly dangerously out of control.

    Paul Davidson.

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