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  • Nigel Simmons February 1, 2013 at 7:19 am

    We as a Human Race are all born and die the same there is a beginning and an end .Those born of Privilege and being educated at Eton or another of the University’s should know better than anyone of their past .Privilege was granted through rape ,pillage ,murder and unfavourable alliances .
    We the General Public accepted privileged people and allowed them to continue to lead their lives as such .
    Born with more money than the average person and better educated ,we would expect you to behave in a rational and moral way when in positions of power ,instead we are treated with contempt .It is we the working public that have helped line your pockets even more .We are deemed scroungers by people whom feel they are our betters .But the truth of the matter is that Parasites like Smith and Grayling and other cohorts have attached themselves to the Privileged circle and do your dirty work .The position of an MP is to represent the Public and its concerns – to aim for a more cohesive society .The vast majority of us have respected your positions but your ever increasing LIES ,PUBLIC PURSE THEFTS and ARROGANCE has now gone beyond the pale .
    It is you that have decimated our society and you have the audacity to look down upon us – you a bunch of thieves liars and cheats .Your greed is beyond comprehension .Sleep well PARASITES .

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