HomeBlack Triangle NewsHUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS UNITE AGAINST FORCED STERILISATION – EUGENICS is alive and well and is rearing its ugly head in modern Europe:
  • John August 28, 2011 at 2:23 am

    Read also by Sue Marsh:

    “Nope, that’s because they’ve made sure that no-one is disabled any more!! Genius! change all the descriptors, make it impossible to qualify, tell people that actually, their severe illnesses or disabilities no longer entitle them to state support – no longer even count as disabilities at all – throw millions of them off benefits then, when, in the end, only 6 people are officially classed as “disabled” offer them all the support and exemptions in the world!!

    When they said they’d “protect the most vulnerable” they meant people scheduled to die before the end of next week. ”


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